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Flight Booking 2.0

The Next Generation Business Travel Experience

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With new industry developments such as Next Generation Storefront (NGS), business travelers are finally getting the booking experience in corporate travel programs that they see directly on airline and other e-commerce websites. Corporate travel is now transforming to reflect the innovation, diverse choice and flexibility that airlines offer and travelers expect.

In this webinar, Flight Booking 2.0: The Next Generation Business Travel Experience, United Airlines Director of Distribution Tye Radcliffe and TripActions VP of Booking Experience and Supplier Strategy Daniel Finkel discuss the past, present, and future of business travel.

Watch our on-demand webinar to get a better understanding of:

  • How United and other airlines have evolved their flight offerings in recent years

  • How the corporate travel industry is working directly with United and other supplier partners to embrace the modern airline’s diverse product offerings

  • How to balance choice, personalization, and flexibility for travelers with detailed policy visibility and compliance