On-demand Webinar

The new year brings new opportunities in business travel. And though Omicron put a wrinkle in all of our timelines, there’s still much to look forward to as we dust off our suitcases and load up our wallets.

Travelers are ready to reconnect in person, and the experience of each user on that journey is a top priority—especially now that organizations are laser-focused on employee safety, acquisition, and retention. And as part of that process, it’s imperative that travelers have simple and integrated solutions for a safe, smart, and sustainable journey.

A topic this important demands a comprehensive approach; that’s why we’ve created a 3-part series to provide the tools for an effective travel planning, booking, and expense approach for 2022.

Part one of this series will share:

  • How to provide relevant, reliable, and up-to-date resources before, during, and after each trip
  • How to rebuild travel programs and policies to support safe office re-openings
  • Safety measures travelers are already taking
  • Adjustments travel experts are making in 2022

Register for the first part of this series and you’ll be prepared for subsequent sessions in which we’ll delve into the creation of a smarter and a more sustainable travel experience.

Featured Speaker:

Katie Virtue

Travel Consultant, Festive Road

Andrew Miller

Director of Partnerships, International SOS

Julie Nguyen

Customer Success Manager, TripActions