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Introducing Our New Brand — Let’s Bring the Circles and the Squares Together
TripActions is thrilled to unveil our new brand to the world and share the story behind our new look and feel with you. Let's bring the circles and the squares together - in person.
August 08, 2018
You’re at GBTA, We’re at GBTA – Let’s Meet
At TripActions, we are passionate about the power of connecting in-person, so let’s meet at this year's GBTA convention in San Diego!
August 12, 2018
“It’s Been a Huge Lift”: How TripActions Supports Andela’s Global Travelers
Meet India. She uses TripActions to provide the support Andela employees need as they spread their mission across the globe.
August 02, 2018
TripActions Goes Big at GBTA!
At TripActions, we believe that in-person connections are powerful. So we're excited to meet and mingle with the travel industry's most innovative thinkers and leaders in beautiful San Diego at GBTA's Momentum Conference.
August 01, 2018
We'll Be There, Anywhere: Announcing Our New Offices in Europe
At TripActions, we believe that being there in person is a powerful thing. Being in the same room as your prospects, clients and team means making the direct, personal connections that are instrumental
July 23, 2018
“It’s About Earning Traveler Trust”: TripActions CEO on Taking the Pain Out of Business Travel
Nothing beats being there in person. Especially in an age when we’ve been accustomed to interacting with pixelated faces and instant messages, the power of sitting down face-to-face could be the difference
June 28, 2018
Flight’s Cancelled. Now What? Why Customer Support Is At The Heart of the Travel Experience.
Whether business takes travelers to Palm Springs or NYC, time spent away from the office is far from a vacation. From the moment they reach the airport to the moment they return, they
May 15, 2018
The Costly Truth: Most of Your Employees Aren't Using the Company Travel Management Solution. Here's Why.
Half of travelers ignore their company’s travel management solution, turning to consumer sites like Kayak or Google. That’s right— half. And it's costing companies – big. Not only does this indicate a
May 06, 2018
Qubole Navigates Travel Management & Employee Satisfaction with TripActions
Santa Clara-based startup Qubole, a big-data-as-a-service provider and creator of the industry’s first autonomous data management platform, knows a thing or two about the power behind data-driven insights and decision-making. However, as
April 22, 2018
CNBC: TripActions’ Gains Momentum in Corporate Travel Space
March was a big month for TripActions and our clients to say the least. Securing $51 million in Series B funding caught the attention of major news outlets like CNBC, who reported on
April 05, 2018