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Jan 10, 2022

Should You Book 2022 Travel? Experts Say ‘Yes’

Libby Zay

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Despite pandemic concerns, experts say that now is an ideal time to book your 2022 travel.

"The beginning of 2022 will be an unintended buyer's market for consumers," Peter Greenberg, travel editor for CBS News, told WTOP. He predicts that in the first months of 2022, domestic airfares will drop to double-digit prices and that in some cases, flying across the country will be cheaper than taking a taxi across town. TripActions data shows that average domestic flight prices are currently down 29% from the 2021 price peak in June.

Planning travel at the beginning of 2022 may not only be financially sound—it may also have mental health benefits. In one study, 97% of Americans said that having a trip on the horizon makes them happier. Yet American workers regularly leave about half of their eligible vacation time on the table, which is why it's important to plan ahead for travel in the coming year so that all paid time off is used to the fullest.

TripActions is helping the process, by transforming travel with its user- and technology-forward focus. The travel and expense solution leverages real-time data to help companies keep traveling employees safe, reduce spend, and drive productivity. And when it comes to personal travel, employees can use TripActions Lemonade to access the same travel deals and support that they receive on business trips.

Travel support is of utmost importance during these uncertain times. While Tribune News Service reports that it is "unlikely travel will be restricted between states" in 2022, the rules and requirements for international travel depend on the COVID-19 restrictions of each country. Travelers using TripActions can view real-time COVID-19 data and insights, and after booking, they will be informed about any changes to travel restrictions.

Whether traveling domestically or internationally, Tribune News Service advises to book popular destinations early and to use any award points you may be stockpiling, as award availability for flights and accommodations is projected to be competitive. Road warriors will be happy to know that TripActions provides personalized suggestions based on travelers' favorite loyalty brands and that it's easy to apply points seamlessly during the booking process.

To set themselves up for success, travelers should book travel with the understanding that they may need to cancel their trip, whether due to the pandemic, weather, or other issues. TripActions clearly labels travel cancellation policies in the app, and if travel plans do change, users have free access to 24/7/365 assistance from global travel agents. Additionally, in November 2021, TripActions announced Click-to-Accept Schedule Change, a new feature that notifies travelers of major airline changes via email, text, or push notifications—often before the airline has the chance to communicate with them—and allows them to rebook with one click or tap.

Whether planning a business trip, weekend getaway, or dream vacation in 2022, TripActions can assist with shopping, planning, and booking—as well as rebooking, should the need arise.

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