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Jan 10, 2022

Campus Cooks Eliminates Entire Expense Process with TripActions Liquid

Milan Lostica

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More than 5,000+ companies have modernized corporate travel, corporate card and expense management solutions with TripActions, making giant leaps in cost and time savings while improving visibility, control, and employee satisfaction. This spotlight shares a recent story; others, which profile companies large and small, domestic and international, and travel and expense-focused, are available in the Resource Center.

As a nationwide business frequently visiting college campuses and fresh food producers, Campus Cooks desperately needed a modern, agile travel and expense solution to support its unique position. The service provides food and staffing for hundreds of fraternities and sororities, with an emphasis on sustainable sourcing. Unfortunately, its previous TMC made it difficult for the company to contact customer support, manage accounts, or track spending.

With [TripActions Liquid](, Campus Cooks was able to provide its chefs with a smart card that automated expense management from swipe to reconciliation. Today, 95% of its expenses are paid via TripActions Liquid, and the company has nearly eliminated the entire expense process.

“With TripActions Liquid, our private chefs respond quickly to supply chain challenges in the food sector so the clients we serve have the best food service experience possible. I can monitor and update policies at a moment's notice, saving our chef’s valuable time,” explains Stephen Coveleski, Director of Finance, Campus Cooks. “TripActions Liquid has transformed our business process!”

Campus Cooks reports a 100% customer satisfaction rating for phone support as well as real-time visibility—a real change from the delayed expense reporting that mired the company’s operations in the past.

Chefs are also using TripActions to book their travel. They are pleased by the user-friendly UX and regularly praise the platform to their teammates. As a result, program compliance is in the upper 90s, and savings have increased with the help of TripActions gamification features.

Navigating the changing demands of local, sustainable food providers and college organizations is no easy task, especially during a pandemic, but TripActions’ all-in-one expense and travel management is transforming how Campus Cooks does business.

Learn more about how TripActions has transformed Campus Cooks’ business.

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