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Feb 21, 2022

MacKenzie McClain Hill on Building a Business Based on Confidence & Inclusivity

Samantha Shankman

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The Future Leaders campaign, in partnership with TripActions Liquid, highlights Black female founders who are sharing their stories of creating small businesses. Their stories are appearing on the TripActions blog and Instagram Live. The winner will receive a $5,000 Liquid card.

Hear more from LumiBloom founder MacKenzie in conversation with TripActions Head of DEI on Monday, February 28, at 4:30 pm PST on Instagram Live @TripActions and learn more about the Future Leaders Campaign by TripActions Liquid here, and vote for the winner before Friday, March 11!

MacKenzie McClain Hill founded LumiBloom on the belief that feeling confident and empowered in your own skin is an important step in achieving your dreams.

“It all starts from the inside,” MacKenzie told TripActions. “You have to feel good to be present in whatever you’re trying to do and accomplish.”

In addition to being a mother and entrepreneur, MacKenzie is an elite athlete and was a 2020 Olympic hopeful. Her own experiences moving from the track field to the boardroom and the locker room to the classroom informed her choices when building her business: MacKenzie is focused on supporting women as they move through their many and multifaceted roles in modern life.

“I always knew that I wanted to be a business owner. Both of my parents are entrepreneurs and I saw the flexibility and how it allowed them to help others,” explains MacKenzie.

Her first venture, started with a group of girlfriends, did not go as planned—but MacKenzie remained committed to building a company focused on women. She decided to rework her strategy, pull together a team, and go full force with LumiBloom. Her first company sold hair care products to the African-American community, but MacKenzie was interested in broadening the product mix and demographics to which they spoke.

“I picked products that were meaningful to me. The heart and soul of LumiBloom is confidence and redefining beauty, so the products that I’m offering support that. One thing that I always say is, ‘When you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you have confidence, and anything is possible with confidence.’”

LumiBloom has a broad range of products that MacKenzie personally vets to ensure that everything enhances how her community feels and moves throughout their days.

“I really wanted to empower other people, women in particular, to have the products and things that they need to reach for their dreams and achieve success—whatever that might look like for them,” she explains.

Built with Purpose

Small business ownership comes with a special set of challenges and joys for founders and entrepreneurs. There’s a mission and a bigger purpose outside of simply growing your bottom line. It’s this passion that helps founders move gracefully during difficult times and truly celebrate the wins.

MacKenzie’s joy comes from creating products that help others feel healthy and happy, as well as watching the market for new opportunities.

“LumiBloom is more than a store. It’s a movement to support a community of women…to uplift and support each other in reaching their goals,” she explains.

One of MacKenzie’s biggest challenges was creating the right team.

“I say ‘right team’ instead of ‘strong team’ because you can have a lot of strong players, but if they're not passionate about what you're passionate about or don’t believe in what you're trying to accomplish or don’t share similar values, it won’t work. Finding a team that understands what I'm trying to do and supports the journey and the brand has been the deepest, hardest challenge,” explains MacKenzie.

What’s Next

MacKenzie is focused on scaling the business this year through new partnerships and retail opportunities. She is also looking to add more philanthropic activities since she deeply believes in supporting young girls as they learn and play. She’d love to partner with organizations like Girls Code and Girls Play LA, especially because athletics has played such a special role in MacKenzie’s life.

“It’s the reason why I am where I am today. It’s how I gained confidence and strength and leadership and everything I need to not only be a good boss but a good person. I don’t think of beauty in the classic sense. I think of beauty as a girl being strong and confident and striving for your goals. That’s beauty.”

MacKenzie’s approach to beauty is also what drives her inclusive approach to her business. As an African-American female founder, MacKenzie is a role model for her community.

“Having diversity is very important because having someone that people can identify with is huge. It’s especially important in the African-American community—health and wellness are unfortunately places in which we can fall short. Being at the forefront of an industry or a sector, and representing a community that's typically underrepresented, is very important to me. When I say at the forefront, it’s not just in health or beauty, but it's the fact that we're incorporating CBD which is still very new. We're probably within the first five years,” says MacKenzie.

“I’ve tried to create a brand that is very well-rounded and universal, so whether you're black, brown, white, or whatever, you can feel that the LumiBloom brand represents you—and that's building a community of women that you want to be a part of.”

For MacKenzie, success comes in many forms.

“Success is the fact that I have the opportunity to interview with TripActions and that a company like yours is interested in nominating me for a Black leadership award. Success is getting up, setting a goal, and really catching it. For LumiBloom, it's the fact that I have been able to turn it into a lifestyle brand that’s uplifting other women. Success is a moving target, and that’s what keeps me energized, motivated, and inspired.”

Hear more from MacKenzie in conversation with TripActions Head of DEI on Monday, February 28, at 4:30 pm PST on Instagram Live @tripactions and learn more about the Future Leaders Campaign by TripActions Liquid.

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