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Oct 22, 2021

Here’s the Unique Reason TripActions Has Partnered With Coinbase

Robin Gandhi

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It’s always been important for employees waiting to be reimbursed for a company expense they put on their personal credit card.

But consider this: By the time most employees sit down and enter their expenses after a trip, it can be a few weeks or longer. Then it takes a few more days for a manager to approve the expense report. Finally, it takes most companies an average of five days to get the reimbursement ready for the next payroll cycle.

It's no wonder employees are nervous about putting company expenses on their personal cards.

But what if employees could be reimbursed in a timely fashion—and also choose how and where they’re reimbursed?

That’s why we’re excited to announce a partnership between TripActions and Coinbase that will allow us to give employees a more delightful experience when spending and being reimbursed for those expenses.

With most expense offerings, of course, the reimbursement process is very straightforward: Employees make expenses, submit an expense report, wait for the report to be approved, and have money sent to their bank account via payroll.

TripActions LiquidTM has already improved on this process. For in-policy expenses made on a personal card or with cash, employees can link their personal bank account and receive direct reimbursements within one to three days.

Well, we’ve changed the game again, thanks to TripActions Liquid’s integration with Coinbase. Now, employees can have reimbursements sent directly to their Coinbase account as U.S. dollars, which they can then convert into any of the 100+ cryptocurrencies that Coinbase supports.

After all, if employees are going to responsibly spend their own money for company expenses within policy, they should not only get their money back fast, but wherever and however they prefer.

This integration with Coinbase elevates the reimbursement process beyond a bureaucratic back-office process—it becomes yet another way that TripActions can delight employees with our modern integrated and automated system.

At TripActions, we’ve always believed that spend management should be delightful and personalized. That’s the kind of end-to-end experience we’ve created across our entire platform, and this integration is another way of showing our commitment to continually improving the experience.

By putting the user first, we’re changing the way expenses get done. Come join the revolution.

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