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Aug 9, 2021

Women in Sales: What It’s Like to Build a Career at TripActions

The TripActions Team

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Changing the face of Sales starts with the SDR role — often the entry point for a career in sales.

The TripActions Sales Development team reached an exciting milestone this spring: We went from 32% to 46% of the team being represented by women. Our team fosters an environment of support, community, and growth.

“I definitely wish I started my career at TripActions as an SDR, because the training and the exposure that you have to the actual full sales cycle and leadership at TripActions is the best I've seen,” says TripActions Senior Manager of Sales Development Diana Lawless.

Diana started as an SDR manager at the TripActions New York office before becoming a senior manager and relocating to Austin to help open our new office.

She speaks to the unique culture at TripActions, which not only allows SDRs to gain perspective on what the full runway of their career can look like but also fosters an inclusive community full of opportunities for growth.

TripActions SDRs have the opportunity to move to new roles including account executive or management, different segments such as mid-market and enterprise, or even join the new Liquid sales team.

Sales roles in the industry historically are often held by men, which is why TripActions has created spaces where women can come together for support and growth. There is a Women in Sales group as well as the “Who Run the World” Employee Resource Group where women can chat about challenges and wins at work or in their lives.

“I love being able to have connections with other female leaders or people starting in their sales career as women,” says Diana.

This is part of TripActions larger stance on Diversity, Equality, & Inclusion. For example, TripActions Head of DEI Shaka Senghor regularly brings in influential women to speak to TripActions employees and share their challenges, perspectives, and insights.

As a hiring manager, Diana recognizes that it takes work to build a diverse and inclusive community. TripActions employees make an effort to find candidates beyond LinkedIn by becoming an active member in external organizations and communities. Beyond the social and cultural factors, building a diverse team helps the entire TripActions organization grow.

“The biggest thing that I found from diversity in any sector — whether it's race, religion, ethnicity, gender — is that you learn so much from people when they're not the same as you. It’s important in sales,” says Diana. “Everyone is sharing their ideas and thoughts rather than just having one person from the show, so to speak.”

Diana is diligent about helping her teams grow as salespeople as well as individuals. She imparts the knowledge she’s learned not only about sales, but as a young woman building her life and career. She insists her team cultivate hobbies and community outside the office for an integrated life and encourages them to follow their intuition.

And she’s looking for more ambitious women to join her team.

“If you have a desire to be in sales or start your sales career at a company that can take you somewhere, with a product that is enjoyable to sell and truly serves its customers — so you see the return on investment immediately — then you should have a conversation with any of the hiring managers here at TripActions,” Diana encourages readers.

Check out the various opportunities we are hiring for today at Let’s go! #womeninsales

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