Built with traveler concerns in mind

We’re all aware of the impact of business travel on our carbon footprints. In fact, 80% of TripActions travelers surveyed noted they are concerned about the impact of business travel on the environment. Due to this increasing global concern, we’ve partnered with our customers to build the TripActions Carbon Impact program, so you can empower your organization to address climate concerns.

Carbon Impact data

Gain access to the emissions output of your business travel program with actionable data on your organization’s CO2 footprint, along with air and rail mileage.

Company carbon offset support

TripActions gives you the flexibility to opt in to offset your organization’s carbon footprint through partnerships with organizations that offset carbon emissions in support of your company’s mission, philosophy, and/or perhaps other sustainability initiatives you have in progress.

Educate travelers on carbon emissions

We empower travelers by providing them access to their carbon footprint data, allowing them to understand their individual impact on the environment and your company’s commitment to reducing it.


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