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Ancestry Finds a Trusted Partner in TripActions

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With TripActions, Ancestry’s once-frustrating travel management experience has been replaced with a seamless booking process, improved adoption rates, and significant cost savings.

Ancestry was experiencing the common problems that come with an antiquated travel management partner: Frustrating and lengthy booking processes, insufficient inventory, high support costs, and low adoption rates. Randy Luck, Senior Manager of Accounts Payable & Travel, knew it was time for a change.

After a brief search, Ancestry started using TripActions in October 2019. Since then, all of the company’s disrupted travel booking experience has been replaced with a seamless and efficient booking process, improved adoption rates, and significant cost savings. Most importantly, TripActions became a partner that Ancestry could trust and grow with—no matter what life threw their way.


  • Difficult, confusing booking UX
  • Insufficient inventory
  • Lack of insights, reporting
  • Low adoption

Results with TripActions

  • In-policy spend improved 12% every quarter
  • Cost savings with one-time trip fee
  • Reporting time dropped by more than 2/3rds

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The Problem

Prior to implementing TripActions in 2019, the Ancestry team had separate vendors for travel management and booking tools. The two biggest complaints voiced by employees were around the arduous booking experience and difficulty finding inventory.

Employees often found themselves doing double the necessary work to book a trip by first searching flights and hotels through third-party websites and then trying to book that specific inventory through a frustrating, time-consuming process.

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Swift Implementation, Immediate Improvements

Once the team made the decision to move to TripActions, implementation took less than six weeks. The TripActions team worked directly with Ancestry employees around the world to ensure a fast, easy implementation process.

“Not only was the implementation very fast, but the TripActions team came onsite at multiple locations to help roll out the program, answer questions, and teach employees what to do and how to use the tool. It was really helpful,” explains Randy.

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Cost Savings

Ancestry started immediately saving on costs when they implemented TripActions and were pleased to find the cost savings came through multiple means. The first came through a significant increase in policy adoption.

In-policy spend improved 12% every quarter year-over-year once Ancestry started using TripActions. Employees started booking within the recommended window before a trip and stopped off-platform bookings.

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We didn’t have anything in terms of duty of care before TripActions. Now built into TripActions is the ability for us to see where people are on their trip. If there are any issues, we are able to reach out to them directly. Not only the travel team, but the security team has access as well. It is a great new feature,

- Randy Luck, Sr. Manager, Accounts Payable & Travel, Ancestry, Ancestry

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A Single System of Record

The Ancestry travel team was accustomed to spending three hours per month preparing travel reports to share with management. The task is now done in less than an hour. Updates to the management dashboard made in 2020 made the process even more efficient.

“The TripActions reporting tools are really, really good. The tools are easy to use and visually easy to present to people outside of finance to show them what’s happening,” says Randy.

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