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How Qubole Gained Control of Their Unmanaged Travel Program

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Offering the first-ever autonomous data management platform, Qubole was founded in 2011 with the mission to empower any business to harness metadata and make more calculated decisions — and the Santa Clara, California-based company found itself growing rapidly.

By 2016, Quoble knew an improvement they needed to tackle was their largely unmanaged employee travel program. When Qubole’s team members traveled to meet with customers, they were booking their own trips on any site—making it a challenge for the company to manage spend and keep up with employee preferences, perceptions of reasonable costs, and changing itineraries. “We’re your typical start up,” says Ken Tamura, Qubole’s VP of Finance. “We want to move quickly and make quick decisions while learning and continuing to improve.”

Tamura recalls that as soon as they saw how the TripActions solution works, the Qubole team knew it would be perfect for their growing company. The right fit: achieving consistency with TripActions “It fit how we wanted to centralize our travel purchasing—to measure, align, and create consistency around what [spend] is considered reasonable, and what isn’t,” he says.


  • A decentralized travel program with a lack of visibility
  • Lack of control over a fast-growing team’s spending
  • Unclear policy guidelines and a DIY booking system leading to guesswork about costs and dissatisfying travel

Results with TripActions

  • Complete, real-time visibility into the company travel program
  • Reduced costs through a dynamic policy
  • Higher satisfaction with convenient, 24/7 ultra-proactive traveler support

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The Right Fit: Achieving Consistency

With TripActions implemented, all of the company’s travel data was aggregated into one easily accessible dashboard where management can get customized reports on savings, spend, employee preferences and travel trends. Meanwhile, Qubole’s employees were presented with a single, simplified process for how to book and manage their business travel based on their preferences, including getting to choose from their favorite travel sites within TripActions’ massive inventory. They also benefited from the TripActions Rewards Program, incentivizing them to choose options that would save company money. In no time, the company saw travel costs go down with over 25% savings on hotel bookings alone — a result that’s continued into the present.

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Satisfaction as Fuel for Growth

“Today, the benefit our travelers are getting is more than we ever expected,” says Tamura. “They really value the rewards [they earn for saving company money].” He also notes that employees have reported being particularly happy with TripActions’ proactive support, and have even started using the system to book their personal travel.

In terms of satisfaction for Qubole’s managing team, having a streamlined travel program means more resources for other parts of the business—crucial for a company heading into a growth spurt. “Savings for us means we can redirect the money to something else,” he explains. “With TripActions, I know we’re saving at the right levels and even lower, as well as driving the right employee mindset.”

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Savings for us means we can redirect the money to something else. With TripActions, I know we’re saving at the right levels and even lower, as well as driving the right employee mindset.

- Ken Tamura, VP of Finance, Qubole

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