R.I.P. Expense Management

TripActions Liquid is a corporate payments & expense management platform built to automate every step of the expense process

Welcome to the era of No Expenses

TripActions Liquid Expense gives companies one easy place to control, manage and track spending, from payment to reconciliation.

A modern approach to smarter company spending

TripActions Liquid is the modern solution that eliminates the hassles of expense management.

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Smarter spending for a distributed workforce

Give employees the autonomy to make business purchases quickly and securely. Simply spin up virtual cards for single or recurring online purchases or issue physical cards for on-the-go spending.

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The expense report that writes itself

Remove the hassles of expense reporting. Employees simply swipe their card or snap a picture of their receipt via the TripActions mobile app and expenses are instantly auto-categorized.

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Greater financial control of spend with enforceable policies

Increase compliance with customizable policies to limit how much, where, and when employees can spend.

The only automated itemization solution in the world

Powered by machine learning, AI, and leveraging fuzzy matching, Auto-Itemization by TripActions automatically maps line items within a transaction to the proper expense policy. This saves finance teams countless hours every month and marks the official end of requiring employees to provide additional context around their transactions.

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Expense reports are a thing of the past. What TripActions Liquid has brought to the market is the end of expense reports.

- Joel Jeselsohn, CFO, Relayr, relayr

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Real-time visibility of all business spend in one place

Track and manage card and out-of-pocket spend in one place to stay on top of what’s been spent, monitor trends and take action if costs get out of line.

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