For Human Resource Teams

TripActions helps HR delight employees and job candidates
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TripActions Product Screenshot - Helps Human Resources support employees and job candidates with business travel

Better design for a better experience

TripActions was built from the ground up as a better approach to corporate travel management. Putting the traveler’s experience first, AI-driven personalization throughout the booking and global 24/7 365 proactive live travel agents result in a world-class experience for employees and job candidates. It’s no wonder that TripActions has the highest traveler satisfaction rates in the industry.

eBook: The HR Team's Guide To Measuring Business Traveler Happiness

An amazing candidate experience

Candidates and guests of the company no longer need to search and book travel on their own dime. With TripActions, you can send an invitation to book travel, enhancing their impression of your organization while keeping costs and logistics compartmentalized. Enhance the guest experience and cut down on the back-and-forth of visitor logistics to delight top talent.

TripActions Product Screenshot - Search interface shows travel policy to keep travelers within budget

Policy travelers can get on board with

Intuitive design inside of the TripActions dashboard makes it easy for travel managers to keep road warriors within budget and on track for annual spend. With the addition of TripActions Rewards, travelers also have an incentive to save the company money by making responsible travel choices.

TripActions Product Screenshot - 24/7 365 travel agents available on desktop and in mobile app

Global 24/7 365 proactive live travel agents

TripActions’ powerful and proactive support team has travelers covered 24/7 365. Whether it’s through a chat window on a mobile phone in Singapore, a desktop support query in Orlando or a phone call from a train in London, TripActions support is always a call, click or email away. Best of all, support is always 100% free.

TripActions Product Screenshot - Unrivaled inventory and search powered by machine learning

Unrivaled traveler adoption rates

Search powered by machine learning plus unrivaled inventory means that travelers don’t need to shop around when booking an itinerary. With a simple, modern interface for web and mobile users, and one-click support there’s little reason to ever leave the platform. The result is a 95% adoption rate and 90%+ traveler satisfaction.