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Ditch the Disparate Systems: Saving Money & Time by Consolidating Travel & Expense

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Employee spend has evolved, yet the expense management and corporate card systems used to monitor that spend remain clunky and outdated. Finance teams find themselves using three (or more) disparate systems to manage travel spend, corporate cards, expenses, and more. More often than not, these solutions are pieced together rather than truly integrated.

All-in-one T&E platforms like TripActions have created a better way. By switching from a collection of systems to TripActions, finance leaders have ultimate spend control to drive cost-savings, productivity, and compliance.

In this 45 minute session, join us as we discuss:

  • Why modern finance leaders are giving up their disparate systems in favor of all-in-one T&E platforms

  • Ways to reduce costs with built-in spend controls, dynamic travel policy controls, and smart corporate cards that recognize when employees are traveling

  • How to save time, increase employee satisfaction, and gain real-time visibility into your finances

Featured Speakers

Grant Martin

Libby Zay

Kady Wood

Sr. Director, Web Experience, TripActions