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3 Hidden Costs of Expense Management

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It costs an estimated $395K a year to process expense reports for 1000 employees.

How does this add up? Reviewing flagged transactions, recourse for out-of-policy charges, and hours on manual reconciliation each month cost your team and cause frustration for your employees.

Download this webinar with Jennifer Lee, Product Marketing Manager, TripActions, and Mindy Owen, Travel & Expense, Connectwise, to uncover these 3 hidden costs buried in your expense management. During the session, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for optimizing your expense process to save your team time

  • Best practices for preventing fraud and reducing out-of-policy spend

  • Frameworks for customizing your policy setup, while still empowering your employees with spending decisions

Featured Speakers

Mindy Owen

Travel & Expense, Connectwise

Jennifer Lee

Product Marketing Manager, TripActions