Who we are

Our team challenges what it means to travel and manage expenses. We aim to make experiences smart, effortless, and inclusive.

How we work

Designing with travelers in mind

Travel and expenses shouldn’t be difficult. We want to raise the bar within enterprise products by giving companies a user-focused, intuitive experience that will help make employees' lives easier.

Here are our design principles:

Challenge the status quo - when needed
We believe in systems and standards but we challenge solutions when we believe we can make it better. We’re not afraid of innovation.
Better as a team
We work as a team to understand issues and its impact. We ask the questions to uncover underlying issues and brainstorm ways to understand impact across platforms and teams. We design for a holistic experience.
Less is more
We design our flows so that our users can get the most out of our products without complication. Our team anticipates problems, distills solutions, and aims to provide our users with simple, but optimized user journeys.
Confidence through clarity
We design our flows so that our users can complete their tasks on their own. We identify customer needs, observe and understand our market, and evaluate and refine as our users change.
Product design
Product designers at TripActions focus on delivering the best experience for our users. No matter the task, we aim for simplicity and ease.
Content design
Our content designers work cross-functionally to help build experiences that make sense and feel in tune with our audiences.
UX research
Our researchers are the heart of our designs. They help with identifying opportunities, validating solutions, and improving our products along the way.
Brand design
Our brand designers help keep a streamlined voice with the marketing and communications team.
Design systems
Our design systems team work to keep a consistent and unified visual and interactive language throughout our products.

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